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We are hiring now! Applications are now open for the position of bartenders, hosts or hostesses and runners at Mr. Sam! If you think you’ve got what it takes and want to join our squad, then apply today! Send your resume and motivation to and we will be in touch!

Wij zijn op zoek naar jou! Momenteel zijn we op zoek naar enthousiaste medewerkers voor de functies van bartenders, gastheren en -vrouwen en runners. Denk jij dat je het in je hebt om een versterking voor ons team te zijn? Stuur dan jouw CV en motivatie naar en dan nemen we contact met je op!

Opening hours

we’re open six days a week

Monday: closed
Tuesday: open from 17.00 hrs. till 23.00 hrs.
Wednesday: open at 17.00 hrs. till 23.00 hrs.
Thursday: open at 17.00 hrs. till 23.00 hrs.
Friday: open at 17.00 hrs. till 00.00 hrs.
Saturday: open at 17.00 hrs. till 00.00 hrs.
Sunday: open at 17.00 hrs. till 23.00 hrs.

On holidays we can handle different opening days and hours.

Op feestdagen kunnen wij andere openingsdagen en -tijden hanteren.


Just contact us

we’re available for you

If after viewing our website there are still some questions or remarks, just fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you asap.

Mochten er na het bekijken van onze website nog vragen of opmerkingen zijn, vul dan het contactformulier in en we komen er zo snel mogelijk bij je op terug.

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Taste Mr. Sam



Taste is everything they say, but taste can only be created when you use all of your senses. With sweet, bitter, salty and sour as the usual suspects, umami is also acknowledged as one of the tastes. At Mr. Sam we try to make sure all of your tastebuds are optimally used.

Hear Mr. Sam



The first initial thought of hearing doesn’t really relate to fine dining. But you can count on it that the surrounding sounds absolutely complete your night out at Mr. Sam. The chill background music, the sounds of our chefs working passionately our your dishes and the clotting sounds of the cocktailshakers. Every little sounds completes the story.

See Mr. Sam



Seeing is probably the first sense that triggered at Mr. Sam. Our first look at you when you enter our restaurant, our restyled interior and of course the thought and care we put in our dishes, cocktails and of course our exceptional service.



Scent is the most underestimated sense there is. Eighty percent of the food and drinks we taste is determined by our nose. Just think of when you have a cold, the level of tasting instantly drops. To make sure you get an excellent fine dining experience we always make sure the scents of our dishes and drinks are of high quality.

Feel Mr. Sam



People don’t just only feel with their skin, it also happens in your mouth. With different structures and textures we create the best finish touch you can imagine. But feeling isn’t only touching, it’s also the happy feeling in your soul feels after an amazing night out at Mr. Sam.

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